Alumni Committees

The Tufts University Veterinary Alumni Association (TUVAA) is comprised of four subcommittees. Learn more about each committee and how you can get involved.

Career Development Committee

Chair: Gillian Kruskall, V14, Cummings School Career Counselor

The Career Development Committee provides support for students and alumni, including assistance with CV/resumes, applications, career transitions, and more. Volunteer for events and meetings that help students explore career paths, practice interviewing, or decide whether or not to complete an internship. You can also contact Gillian for your own career development, or to share job opportunities and other resources for alumni.

Ways to get involved

  1. Send job listings for open positions at your practice
    1. This includes summer options for students (paid or unpaid)
  2. Share your CV, Resume, or Cover Letter to add to a collection of examples (we’ll redact your personal info)
  3. Sign up for Mock Interviews for students
  4. Share career development tips, resources, events, etc. that we can add to our website share with other alumni
  5. Visit our Career Resources website for tips and tools help you further your own career

Community Service Committee

Chair: Sarina Selleck, V17

The Community Service Committee connects alumni with current students and local organizations to foster community outreach and civic engagement. Our goals are to mentor students interested in outreach, assist community partners in achieving their goals, and to provide alumni with opportunities to give back to their communities.

Ways to get involved

  • Volunteers needed at Worcester Housing Authority Wellness and Vaccine Clinics – Tuesdays 1:30-4:30pm. Email to participate.
  • Contact the committee chair for other opportunities to help communities in need

Student Mentorships Committee

Chair: Hilary Jones, V14

The Student Mentorship Committee aims to provide a platform to connect current Cummings School students with diverse mentorship opportunities to best provide varied experiences to its student population. The Committee acts as the facilitator of connections and interactions to support one another and grow together as professionals and individuals. It supports and values the strength of an interconnected university and professional community. 

Ways to get involved

  • 30-Minute Mentors Program – Speak to students in 30-minute meetings. No commitment for long-term mentor relationships.
  • Externship and selective sites are needed. Visit and click on “Advising and Teaching” to learn more.

Wellness Committee

Chair: Chelsea Van Thof, V19

"During my clinical year I struggled with my mental health and didn't really feel I had the tools or resources I needed to cope with these types of challenges. Although we were encouraged to practice wellness, it was difficult to take advantage of events or resources offered by Tufts, due to our demanding schedules. I felt that I had to keep pushing through until graduation, when things would presumably get better, rather than address these feelings and challenges head on. When I graduated, I didn't want to forget the difficulties I had during my time as a student - I wanted to try and ensure that no rising third year would have to endure any issue they were facing, alone. This was the main reason for my decision to start the Wellness Committee for alumni. I hope that through our committee's work, students can enter clinics feeling more prepared for the mental health challenges that may come, and that the wellness of recent graduates can flourish as a result of these efforts." - Chelsea Van Thof V19, committee founder and chair

Ways to get involved

Please contact for more information.

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