Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Statement

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University understands the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity as an integral component of the educational excellence for which it is renowned. Its campus-wide efforts are underscored within Cummings School's Strategic Vision 2030 Strategic Plan with its focus on prioritizing people.

We value the many experiences and perspectives each individual member brings to our community and welcome diverse ideas and experiences. By promoting a culture that attracts, recognizes and values people as our greatest resource, Cummings school students, faculty and staff, departments, and organizations work together to create an optimal graduate and professional student experience that is respectful of diversity, inclusion, and equity practices.

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International Pronouns Day

Acknowledgement of correct pronoun use is an important way to demonstrate respect for one another by identifying and referring to someone according to their wishes. Adopting a consistent use of pronouns and neopronouns shows acceptance and respect for all.

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How to add pronouns to your Tufts accounts

Tuft Veterinary Council on Diversity

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Eliminate Barriers

Cummings School strives to eliminate barriers to applications and increase rates of matriculation.

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Pipeline Programs

Cummings School is home to numerous pipeline programs on which we can capitalize to attract diverse student population.

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Learning Communities

We seek to promote a diverse and inclusive learning community where students are supported to explore issues of personal interest.

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Mentoring Opportunities

We offer many resources and programs to promote mentoring opportunities and other support services for our students.

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Career Services

The Diversity Council at Cummings School actively reviews career services to ensure common core services are available for all students.

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Community Engagement

We are committed to enhancing existing programs and building new ones that foster community engagement by students.

Using Pronouns

At Cummings School, we use inclusive pronoun practices in our everyday interactions and communications.

Core Programs

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Meet the Diversity Council

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The Diversity Council at Cummings School includes faculty, staff and students who meet regularly to discuss programs, initiatives and opportunities to educate across the entire school.

Meet the members of the Diversity Council

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