Learning Communities

student in front of white board

Encourage a diverse and inclusive learning community where students, faculty, and staff are supported to explore issues of diversity, inclusion and equity.

Recruiting students from racially/ethnically and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds is one step in addressing issues of diversity, climate, and inclusion. Beyond that, programs such as those that promote inclusive behaviors, help underserved communities, emphasize cultural humility and discussion of global health issues, ensure an effective transition, active engagement and success for all students.

  • The Office of the Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Climate serves as a central hub to bring awareness of and positive change regarding these issues to the entire community.
  • Tufts Veterinary Council on Diversity: Students, faculty and staff champion campus-wide efforts to foster an environment where all individuals are respected, and diversity and inclusion are embraced.
  • The Anti-Racism Task Force has been created to address racism, especially against black members of our community, in all operational facets of the Cummings School.
  • Curriculum development in order to broaden our perspectives beyond science, addressing the importance of communication and the pitfalls of implicit bias.
  • Global Health/International Learning Opportunities equip students with skills that ensure success in a culturally diverse community within and beyond Cummings School.
  • Co-curricular activities provide opportunities to participate in areas outside one’s comfort zone and gain exposure to faculty and staff with diverse interests.
  • The University Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching provides many different opportunities for faculty to explore methods to incorporate diversity and inclusion into the courses that they teach.
  • Faculty Development Grants offer opportunities to broaden the faculty experience to include exposure to other cultures in ways that will benefit the entire Cummings community.
  • Educational development grants funded by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) bring speakers to campus to address issues relevant to diversity and inclusion, mindfulness and communication.