Student Life and International Students

As with all of our students, we are committed to providing the support, resources, and information our international students need to succeed while at Cummings School.

Student Life at Cummings School is dynamic and engaging. International students will want to familiarize themselves with the school, its location and surrounding areas, and our campus. We encourage you to learn about our campus resources and services that will help to support and assist you in your endeavors here.

The International Student Center, located on the Medford Campus, is a tremendous resource for our international students. It provides immigration services and visa support, offers cultural adjustment advising and individual counseling, coordinates an undergraduate orientation program (for first-year international and U. S. students), sponsors social events, and hosts U.S. employment workshops.

International students are asked to register with the International Center within two weeks of their arrival in order to complete their immigration record. Due to the distance between campuses, you may register by phone with your representative. A representative from the center is also available on the Grafton campus twice per year (once in the fall and once in the spring) in order to facilitate any visa updates. The center will review your passport, your J-1 visa document, and I-94 Arrival-Departure Record, which will be issued to you at the port of entry.


Tufts University's Global Privacy Statements provide information for applicants and students from the United States and from countries outside the United States, including in the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom. Those statements include information about how we collect and use personal information and about data rights under privacy laws. See Privacy.