Special DVM Programs

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine offers a unique opportunity for students to design their DVM thus setting it apart from other veterinary schools. Cummings School offers special programs with sophistication and applicability to the future of the veterinary profession. These special programs include Signature Opportunities, International Veterinary Medicine, Dual Degree Programs, Research Path in the DVM Program, Wildlife Clinic Summer Program and Bachelor’s/DVM Early Acceptance Program.

Signature Opportunities

Animal Welfare, Ethics and Policy Signature Opportunity

The signature opportunity is designed around the idea expressed in the CAPP mission statement: “animal and human well-being are linked and are enhanced by improved understanding of human animal relationships.”

International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Signature Opportunity

The IVM Signature Opportunity supports investigations of global veterinary medical practices and issues of environmental, animal, and public health; it has gained world recognition for its work toward community-based solutions to problems that threaten sustainable agriculture and environmental integrity.

Wildlife Conservation Medicine (WCM) Signature Opportunity

The WCM Signature Opportunity is designed to teach the clinical skills required for the medical care and management of wildlife, and to develop an understanding for the habits of wild animals and the environmental conditions in which they live. As the clinical arm of Tufts CCM, the Tufts Wildlife Clinic is the federally designated wildlife care and rehabilitation center for the New England region.

Research, Selectives, and Summer Programs

Shelter Medicine Program

The Shelter Medicine Program at Cummings School blends our strengths in patient care, research, and service-learning to care for underserved animals in our community while providing hands-on learning opportunities to veterinary students.

Wildlife Clinic Summer Program

Current and prospective veterinary students have several exciting and rewarding summer opportunities at the Wildlife Clinic at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Research Path

Cummings School's Research Path is for DVM candidates with an interest in pursuing research as part of their veterinary curriculum. It complements the funded programs that encourage students to perform research during the summer months.

Selective Programs

The program is designed to develop clinical, research, and discipline-based skills; foster networking; provide experiences that will influence career opportunities; and cultivate desirable personal attitudes in, and behaviors of, future members of the veterinary profession.