Animal Welfare, Ethics and Policy Signature Opportunity

The Signature Opportunity in Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Policy has a strong foundation in the 25-year-old ethics and values curriculum and a secure home in the Center for Animals and Public Policy (CAPP).

The signature opportunity is designed around the idea expressed in the CAPP mission statement: “animal and human well-being are linked and are enhanced by improved understanding of human animal relationships.” Educating veterinary students about this link and the underlying concept of “One Health” creates opportunities for graduates to make a difference for animals and society whether they work in private practice, the business world, or public service.

The Animal Welfare, Ethics and Policy Signature Opportunity at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is designed to:

  • Educate future veterinarians to better serve their clients, patients, and society by increasing their awareness and understanding of the central role of companion animals within families
  • Provide students with means to enhance animal and human health in underserved communities and empower them to serve as community leaders in matters of public health, animal health, and animal welfare
  • Open new avenues for veterinary professionals to influence creation and implementation of government policy and community and institutional practices regarding the protection and improvement of animal health and welfare
  • Sensitize all veterinary graduates to larger societal trends that may impact the veterinary profession

More than ever, veterinarians need to be educated to respond thoughtfully to the complex issues that arise in our relationships with animals. The education in ethics and values that we provide at Cummings School uniquely prepares our graduates to take leadership roles in educating their clients, guiding their communities, and shaping policy.

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