Our students reside in off-campus housing available in the surrounding area, often sharing apartments with other students. Local housing listings are maintained to assist current and incoming Cummings School students. If you’d like help finding housing, or researching roommates, please contact Linda.Mayo@tufts.edu.

Note: We encourage students to pre-screen and check references prior to signing a lease or choosing a roommate.

Housing Costs

You can expect the average cost of rent for a student, living alone, to range from $900-$2000; with a roommate(s) the average cost might fall between $700–$1000 per month. Landlords should be able to give you an estimate of any additional costs and included expenses. Students who wish to consider renter's insurance are encouraged to compare the rates and benefits of several different insurance companies.


North Grafton, MA is within easy access of the Mass Pike and only about 45 minutes from Boston and Providence, RI, depending on traffic. The campus is just steps away from the Grafton Station on the Worcester/Framingham MBTA commuter rail line. Please note the schedule as not every train stops at the Grafton station.

Several towns surrounding North Grafton are within easy driving distance of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. If you have questions about neighborhoods, please contact Linda.Mayo@tufts.edu.  The Cummings School housing coordinator is available May through August each year to assist students.

Surrounding Towns

Please note: the number in parentheses correlates with the approximate distance from the town center to our campus.

  • Ashland (12)
  • Auburn (11)
  • Boylston (9)
  • Framingham (17)
  • Grafton (4)
  • Grafton-North (2)
  • Grafton-South (7)
  • Hopkinton (11)
  • Marlborough (13)
  • Mendon (15)
  • Milford (18)
  • Millbury (7)
  • Northborough (7)
  • Northbridge/Whitinsville (12)
  • Shrewsbury (5)
  • Sutton (10)
  • Upton (10)
  • Westborough (4)
  • Worcester (6)
  • Worcester-East Side/Grafton Hill/Grafton Road (7)
  • Worcester-UMASS Medical School Area (8)


As pets are not allowed on campus, please consider all of the ramifications of owning one while in school. The days are long for a pet left in a student’s place of residence, and housing that allows pets can be difficult to find and/or more expensive. If you are determined to find such a residence, however, here are some suggestions for getting landlords to allow your pets:

  • Tell a landlord that you are a student at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Offer to provide a list of references from past landlords.
  • Offer to take the apartment with the existing carpet or flooring if the landlord was planning on upgrading/redoing either one.