Ambulatory Medicine and Theriogenology

The Department of Ambulatory Medicine and Theriogenology (AMT) promotes the health and well-being of farm animals through environmentally appropriate husbandry and population-based preventive medical practices and therapies. By modeling evidence-based animal and veterinary care and advising animal caretakers of those principles, its members strive to enhance the viability of farms and stables while providing students with practical experience, knowledge, and training to prepare the next generation of large animal veterinarians.

First-Year Courses

  • Case Based Learning I & II
  • Clinical Skills I
  • Communications I
  • First Year Farm Husbandry

Second-Year Courses

  • Clinical Skills II
  • Communications II
  • Ethics and Veterinary Medicine
  • Reproductive Pathophysiology

Third-Year Courses

  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Communications III
  • Farm Animal Medicine and Surgery
  • Bovine Medical Procedures and Theriogenology Laboratory
  • Theriogenology

Fourth-Year Rotations

  • Ambulatory Medicine
  • Elective in Bovine Production Medicine



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