Research Path

Cummings School's Research Path is for DVM candidates with an interest in pursuing research as part of their veterinary curriculum. It complements the funded programs that encourage students to perform research during the summer months. Students who sign up for the Research Path will be mentored by the Research Path Team to ensure that their interest is rewarded.

Research projects include both on and off-campus opportunities, including international experiences. Research can be done during the school year and/or during the summer. Students can choose research topics in basic sciences and clinical sciences, including a variety of species.

Throughout the school year, students involved in the Research Path will meet to discuss a variety of topics pertinent to their proposed summer research. They will learn Excel, Qualtrics, RefWorks, and other programs and will receive help in writing their research proposals.

To learn more about the Research Path please contact the coordinator:  Dr. Phyllis E. Mann, Associate Professor of Comparative Pathobiology.