Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring award winners

Increase mentoring opportunities and offer other student support services

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many university resources and programs that provide mentoring opportunities and promote wellness and mindfulness for our students.

  • Big brother/sister mentoring for first year students to help them acclimate to veterinary school
  • Tufts at Tech provides opportunities for veterinary students to mentor high school students studying to become veterinary assistants within an academic setting that has a different demographic than Cummings School
  • Technician Internships where students have the opportunity to learn from our board certified veterinary professionals, and gain experience and knowledge
  • Faculty-student mentoring in academic fields within veterinary medicine is promoted through students’ involvement in many of the co-curricular activities offered.
  • Tufts Veterinary Council on Diversity champions the efforts of several organizations to foster an environment where all individuals are respected, and diversity and inclusion are embraced.
  • MS/PhD-faculty mentoring
  • Tufts Veterinary Orientation Program (TVOP) offers incoming veterinary students experiential educational and team building exercises to help them become more aware of their own strengths and communication styles, as well as explore learning/working in a team. Students find ways to support each other and the importance of being open to differences between themselves and their peers.
  • The Healer’s Art course offered to 1st and 2nd-year veterinary students provides a foundation to help them cope with the mental health and well-being pressures of the veterinary profession.
  • Cummings Support Center (CSC) provides resources to assist students in sustaining their overall well-being through Student Academic Support Service, the Career Counseling Service, and Cummings Behavioral Health Service.
  • Wellbeing: Many wellness programs are available to students, faculty and staff. The vast array of resources available is now documented on new Wellness website launched by Cummings School
  • Provost’s Diversity Reception brings together diverse graduate students from across the campuses in a social and networking atmosphere.
  • Multi-Ethnic Graduate Alliance Recruiter (MEGAR) is a program designed to support departmental efforts to recruit underrepresented students.