Alumni Association Awards

Outstanding Alumni Award

The Outstanding Alumni Award honors alumni for the good name they bring to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, the veterinary profession, and the community through their distinguished accomplishments. This award can be given to a person only once.

2021 Award Recipient:
Jennifer Lofgren, V07, VG07

2022 Award Recipient:
Robert McCarthy, V83

Faculty Hall of Fame

Since 2005, the Tufts University Veterinary Alumni Association has solicited nominations from veterinary alumni for induction into the Cummings School Faculty Hall of Fame. This honor was established to recognize faculty members for their outstanding commitment to excellence in teaching. One or more faculty members are inducted annually to recognize, encourage, and maintain the exceptional teaching at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. This award can be given to a person only once.

2021 Award Recipient:
Robert McCarthy, V83

2022 Award Recipient:
Gregory Wolfus, V98

Past Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients:

2020: Dr. Emily McCobb, V00, VG02
2019: Dr. James Desmond,V08, VG08
2018: Dr. Rosalind (Roz) Rolland, V84
2017: Dr. Robert Marini, V84
2016: Dr. Margaret Shively, V84
2015: Dr. John de Jong, A78, V85
2014: Dr. William Rosenblad, V95
2013: Dr. Gregory M. Wolfus, V98
2012: Raimon Duran-Struuck, A98, V02
2011: Dr. David J. McGrath III, V86
2010: Capt. Hugh M. Mainzer, V90
2009: Dr. Fredric L. Cantor, V84
2008: Dr. Gretchen Kaufman, J76, V86
2007: Dr. Jonathan H. Epstein, V02
2006: Dr. Lisa M. Freeman, J86, V91, NG96
2005: Dr. Ann Marie Manning, V93
2004: Dr. Joann Lindenmayer, V85
2003: Dr. Ray Powell, V85
2002: Dr. Michael McGuill, V91
2001: Dr. Mary Labato, V83
2000: Dr. David Malarkey, V89
1999: Dr. Wendy Emerson, V85
1998: Dr. Steven Rowell, V83
1997: Dr. Mark Pokras, V84

Past Faculty Hall of Fame Inductees:

2020: Dr. Elizabeth A. Rozanski
2019: Dr. Emily McCobb, V00, VG02

2018: Dr. Cheryl Blaze
2017: Dr. Angie Warner
2016: Dr. Lisa Freeman, J86, V91, NG96
2015: Dr. R. John Berg
2014: Dr. Mark Pokras, V84
2013: Dr. Joyce S. Knoll, Dr. W. Robert Cook
2012: Dr. George P. Looby
2011: Dr. Sawkat Anwer
2010: Dr. Mary Labato, V83
2009: Dr. John E. Rush
2008: Dr. George Saperstein
2008: Dr. Howard Levine
2007: Dr. Lawrence J. Kleine
2006: Dr. Linda A. Ross
2005: Dr. Mary Rose Paradis
2005: Dr. M.S.A. Kumar
2005: Dr. James N. Ross, Jr.
2005: Dr. Harold E. Hammerquist
2005: Dr. Susan M. Cotter