Transformative Research

Transformative Research

Cummings School will be a global leader in advancing animal and human health through basic, clinical, and field research in a changing world.

Research at Cummings School strives to advance animal and human health through comparative biomedical research, clinical and translational research, and exploration of the health factors at the intersection of humans, animals, and environments. By embracing our unique position in the health and life sciences, we will promote multidisciplinary research that drives academic, corporate, and governmental collaborations.

Our strategic priorities include:

  • Recognizing and supporting research in strategic priority areas:
    • Infectious Disease and Global Health
    • Clinical and Translational Research
      • Cardiovascular Health
      • Comparative and Translational Oncology
    • Neurosciences and Mental Health
    • Animals, Humans, and Societal Impact
      • Human-Animal Interactions
      • Conservation Medicine
      • Animals and Public Policy
    • Research and scholarship excellence in any area
  • Establishing sustainable business models for existing shared research resources.
  • Creating new endowed professorships and research space to support expanding research programs.
  • Facilitating internal sharing and regional collaborations.
  • Expanding Ph.D. programs to drive research.

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