Extraordinary Clinical Care

Extraordinary Clinical Care

Cummings School will operate a premier group of academic veterinary hospitals and clinics, providing extraordinary care, leading clinical research and innovation, and an outstanding environment for veterinary education.

Extraordinary clinical care is built on the excellence of our faculty and staff, the application of evidence-based medicine, the advancements of clinical and translational research, and the creation and adoption of innovations in clinical and preventive care and diagnostic sciences. To continue to be a premier group of academic hospitals and clinics, we must have a compassionate, kind, and professional environment that supports learning and advances the profession.

Our strategic priorities include:

  • Expanding Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals to support clinical care, excellent teaching, and critical research.
  • Building and renovating new spaces in all of our clinics and hospitals.
  • Ensuring that equipment and technological infrastructure is the most current available.
  • Expanding and enhancing veterinary nursing staff.
  • Improving access across the full spectrum of veterinary care and range of client demographics.
  • Expanding our capacity to support clinical trials and translational research.

hands wearing medical gloves holding 3 baby birds in a little blanket
two large animal veterinarians standing with a horse in the middle