WCM Signature Opportunity Activities

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum of required courses and clinical rotations includes disciplines related to Wildlife and Conservation Medicine in each of the four years at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. The Selectives Program offers many on- and off-campus opportunities during the academic year to work with Cummings School faculty, regional conservation agencies, zoos, aquaria and conservation biologists for credit. Selectives can be oriented towards clinical, research, educational or policy area Elective Courses

A large variety of advanced and clinically oriented on-campus courses and off-campus opportunities are offered to third- and fourth-year students in the form of electives.

Student Projects

Many opportunities exist for students to conduct research in wildlife or conservation medicine that intersect with issues in environmental and public health through student projects.

Optional Complementary Master's Degree Programs

Students also have the opportunity to pursue master's degrees in public health (DVM/MPH program), conservation medicine (MCM Program), and public policy (MAPP Program) with a focus on wildlife and or conservation medicine issues.

Student Organizations

Several wildlife and conservation medicine student clubs and organizations are supported by the Wildlife, Aquatic, Zoo Animal and Exotic Medicine Organization, which has the largest student membership of any club on campus. Activities include labs, workshops, field trips, lunchtime lectures series and an annual symposium.

Veterinarians for Global Solutions

Veterinarians for Global Solutions (VGS) is committed to advancing the role of veterinarians in interdisciplinary work designed to improve ecosystems worldwide. Members are interested in conservation of biodiversity, the establishment of sustainable development, public health and environmental awareness.

Student Chapter of the Association of Avian Veterinarians

The Avian Club helps members explore their interests in avian medicine, whether in wildlife, companion bird or commercial poultry-type practice.

Other Activities

  • Wildlife Baby Team
  • Wildlife Capture and Immobilization Workshop
  • Work/Study opportunities in the Wildlife ClinicQuarterly meetings held by local exotic animal practitioners
  • Quarterly rounds held by local zoo/wildlife practitioners