Diagnostic Imaging Residency Program Faculty Supervision

All faculty members share the responsibility for training residents. Currently there are the equivalent of 5 FTE faculty members, split between academic and clinical faculty. Each academic faculty member spends ~50% of their time on clinical duty and 50% off clinics. Clinical faculty members spend 75% to 100% of their time on clinical duty. Two to four faculty members are on clinical duty at any given time.

A faculty member on clinical duty attends daily case rounds to review the residents’ reports and to discuss difficult imaging cases. The remainder of the day is spent supervising the residents in the different clinical areas (radiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine). One day per week, one faculty on clinics prepares and administers special “board preparation” rounds. This is a forum where residents practice interpretation of all imaging modalities in a setting similar to the ACVR certifying (case-based) examination. 

To prepare for the qualifying ACVR examination (the initial portion of the ACVR board examination) residents and faculty participate in journal club. Typically, these sessions take place every other week. The residents also review the board objectives on physics and radiation biology in a small group format with faculty. Written “Mock” examinations are available when a resident completes a specific area of the ACVR residency objectives. Areas include: anatomy, physics, pathophysiology, special studies, alternative imaging, and radiation biology. 

Faculty interaction with the residents during time off clinical duty includes supervision of research projects and resident lectures.

A faculty “back up” is available to consult with the on-call resident after hours and on weekend/holidays.