Mental Health and Counseling

Counseling services are provided both in-person and virtually by AllOne Health. Telepsychiatry services are provided by Mantra Health. To learn more about "what counseling is", visit here.

  • AllOne Health (TalkOne2One Student Assistance Program):
    • Talk One2One is a program to guide students to solutions that make things less stressful and more manageable.
    • Onsite and virtual counseling appointments are available by calling 1-800-756-3124.
  • Mantra Health for Telepsychiatry Services:
    • Mantra Health providers believe in using an overall wellness approach and aim to improve students' feelings through medication management, if needed.
    • A referral is needed either from AllOneHealth counselors or from Grafton Campus Student Health Services.
    • Telepsychiatry sessions are available to students while they are in MA.