Where do I start?

The Tufts Shelter Medicine Program at Cummings School has three populations of interested or currently enrolled students:

Number one

I am interested in going to veterinary school and knowing more about your Shelter Medicine Program.

If you are interested in going to veterinary school, you should know that graduates of any veterinary school can go on to work in animal shelters. While there are opportunities for more advanced training or specialization in this growing field, the vast majority of shelters employ veterinarians who simply have their veterinary degree. However you can set yourself apart as a candidate for employment by obtaining experience with Shelter Medicine while you are in veterinary school. Cummings School offers a variety of opportunities for this exposure through the Shelter Medicine Program.

Number two

I am a currently enrolled veterinary student looking for information about Shelter Medicine.

The programs offered through the Tufts Shelter Medicine Program are open to all Cummings students. We have opportunities to get involved in the clinic as early as your first semester and you are welcome to join any of the courses offered as Selectives.

The recommended course of study for students interested in shelter medicine:

 Take these selectives:

  • The study of Animal Welfare (first year spring semester)
  • Shelter Medicine (second year, fall semester)
  • Applied Animal Behavior (second year, fall semester)
  • Veterinary Forensics (third year, fall semester)
Number three

I am a current enrolled veterinary student looking for hands-on opportunities.

There are several opportunities for students to get involved in clinical programs either through Selectives or through Clinical Rotations during their clinical year.

Students may also contact the Shelter Medicine Program Department with any additional questions or if a specific interest cannot be located.