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Students visit the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
Students visit the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

The Tufts Shelter Medicine Program collaborates with a variety of local and regional partners to ensure that the program remains relevant to animal welfare within the area. The program was conceived by a working group of these partners and strives to ensure veterinary students are prepared to work with and for animal shelters. Making sure that the needs of our partners are met is essential to helping achieve the mission of the Shelter Medicine Program.

Shelter partners can be any animal rescue or sheltering organization that provides an opportunity for students to observe or participate in the application of shelter medicine principles. Example experiences for students might include:

  • Observing routine health examinations and sick animal checks
  • Participating in physical examination and treatment of animals
  • Observing, assisting with or performing surgery (under supervision)
  • Designing and implementing research projects, particularly those designed to improve the quality of veterinary care offered by an animal shelter.

The specific learning objectives are customized for each partner and experience.

A level-of-partnership system has been created to ensure that every type of organization can have a place in the program. Partnership levels and associated expectations are explained below.

Shelter Medicine Program Steering Committee

Cummings School initially reached out to the shelter medicine community to help plan the Shelter Medicine Program by creating a working group with representation from several key organizations. The working group continues as the steering committee and includes at least one representative from each primary shelter partner, members of the animal welfare community and members of the faculty.

Shelter Partners

Resources for Shelters


Shelter Consultations

Dr. Chelsea Reinhard is the Maddie's Shelter Medicine Resident at Cummings School.

As part of her training as a resident, Dr. Reinhard provides distance consultations for local, regional and national rescue and shelter organizations. Areas of consultation can include infectious disease management, vaccination protocols, public health, foster care, sanitation and spay/neuter, among other topics. If you have questions pertaining to your organization and are seeking assistance, please feel free to contact Dr. Reinhard at chelsea.reinhard@tufts.edu.

Where possible, include information about your organization in your inquiry, including type of organization and annual intake. Please allow for some response time. She looks forward to supporting Massachusetts sheltering organizations!


The front of the Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic

Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic

Luke & Lily Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic provides various services for shelters. Learn more.

    Center for Shelter Dogs logo

    Center for Shelter Dogs

    The Center for Shelter Dogs is dedicated to improving the welfare of homeless dogs cared for by humane organizations, animal control facilities and rescue groups. Learn more.