Animal Friendly License Plate Grant

I’m Animal Friendly License Plate

In 2008, the Massachusetts Animal Coalition helped launch the Animal Friendly License Plate Program. The Tufts Shelter Medicine Program has applied annually for funding from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition. Awarded through a competitive grants review process, this funding helps The Shelter Medicine Program and many others throughout the Commonwealth to spay and neuter animals whom would not otherwise be reached.

The “I’m Animal Friendly” specialty license plates and renewals are the sole funding for this grant program. When The Shelter Medicine Program receives a license plate grant, The Luke and Lily Lerner Spay Neuter Clinic  is able to offer affordable spaying and neutering to clients in need.

The success of the Massachusetts “I’m Animal Friendly” License Plate Program
and the amount of money available to fund projects is critically dependent on the number of plates sold.

Show your love for helping animals by purchasing the “I’m Animal Friendly”
license plate. You will be contributing to this statewide program that directly benefits Massachusetts animals.

The initial cost of this “I’m Animal Friendly” license plate is $40; $28 of which
will be used to help fund this statewide spay neuter program (and is tax-deductible). The remaining $12 is a one-time only cost to cover the manufacturing of the plate. Upon renewal, the entire $40 will go to this spay neuter program. The standard registration fee is due every two years upon renewal, in addition to the “I’m Animal Friendly” license plate fee.

The plate also makes a great gift for someone in your life who loves animals! Contact for a template to print out representing your gift of an “I’m Animal Friendly” plate. Present the printout to the recipient, along with cost of registration, and your recipient can then order their new animal plate (either online or at the MA RMV).

Note: Gift recipients must do the actual ordering of the plate themselves as they will need to have their license and registration handy. The total is $80.00 (registration renewal plus the $40 special plate fee). $28 of the $40 plate fee goes into the animal fund and is tax-deductible.