Recognizing Excellence

Cummings School hosts annual appreciation lunch and excellence awards
a group of people standing on stage posing for a group photo
2024 Cummings School five-year service award recipients. Photo: Jeff Poole, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine held its 2024 Appreciation Lunch and Excellence Awards on May 15, honoring faculty and staff members.

Dean Alastair Cribb thanked all faculty and staff for their daily contributions to helping colleagues, students, patients, clients, animals, and the School. 

"Thank you for your teaching, your research, for taking care of those million little details, and answering those two million small, annoying, but somehow important questions that need to be answered to make things go."

Five-year Service Awards

Dean Cribb recognized employees celebrating a five-year service anniversary between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.


Carly Alden, Veterinary Technician II
Ian Burch, Vet Tech II, ECC
April DeStefano, Vet Tech II, ECC
Casey Harkins-Dougherty, Faculty Affairs Officer
Kilee Morgan Fortier, Library Assistant
Libby Hanrahan, Department Manager
Morgan Houghton, Veterinary Technician III
Jean Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Brianne Michelle Jones, Sr Veterinary Technician
Jennifer Keefe, Department Manager
Jill (Gillian) Kruskall, Career Counselor
Mary Milewski, Pharmacy Supervisor
Lyndsay Podworski, Vet Tech III, ECC
Nikki Ann Raad, Veterinary Technician II
Mikaela Schwartz, Veterinary Assistant
Valerie Slimskey, Vet Tech II, ECC
Sarah Tainter, Veterinary Assistant
Kelsey Marie Weeks, Veterinary Technician III
Kara Witt, Educational Support Manager


Ramon Almela, Assistant Professor
Joseph Davis, Assistant Clinical Professor
Francisco De Oliveira Conrado, Assistant Professor
Heather Gardner, Assistant Professor
Emily Tompkins Karlin, Assistant Clinical Professor
Amanda Martinot, Assistant Professor
Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova, Assistant Clinical Professor
Alexandra Pfaff, Assistant Clinical Professor
Adam South, Assistant Teaching Professor
Clare Timothy, Assistant Clinical Professor
Carrie Wood, Assistant Clinical Professor

Staff Excellence Awards 

Awards were presented in four categories (research, hospital/clinic/diagnostic staff, administrative staff, and managers/directors). These awards recognize outstanding staff who contribute in a positive and productive manner to the School's missions, work environment, sense of community, and/or culture. 

Research Staff

Karen Barry
Research Administrator II

Hospital/Clinic/Diagnostic Staff

Karen Baldwin
Necropsy Technician, Cummings School Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Amy Wilson 
Client Services Assistant, Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Administrative Staff

Stacy Johnson
Administrative Assistant, Department of Comparative Pathobiology 

Managers and Directors

Libby Hanrahan
Department Manager, Department of Clinical Sciences, Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Chad Argotsinger
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Staff Teaching & Mentorship Award 

This award recognizes staff who directly support learning opportunities for our students.

Mike Santasieri, B.S., C.V.T., L.V.T., F.F.C.P.
Joseph Kelley, D.V.M., Simulation Laboratory Manager
Department of Comparative Pathobiology

Faculty Community Leadership Award

This award recognizes faculty who demonstrate leadership in building a positive, sustainable, inclusive culture and community at Cummings School.

Elizabeth Byrnes, Ph.D.  
Professor, Department of Comparative Pathobiology