MS in Animals and Public Policy Program Admissions

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Students in the MS in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) program develop research, analytical, and communication skills that empower them to promote the status and welfare of animals and deepen public understanding of the role of animals in society.

The program seeks students of diverse academic, career, and professional experiences who share an interest in human-animal relationships. Enrolling students may be looking to begin a career related to animals, chart a new direction or deepen their knowledge in their current careers, or pursue another advanced degree, such as the DVM, Law, or PhD.


Applicants must meet all application requirements and submit an online application for admission. Based on the recommendations of the MAPP admissions committee, applicants who show the most promise of excelling in the program are admitted.

Tuition and Aid

All students are charged tuition and expenses for fall and spring semesters payable according to Tufts University guidelines.

Financial aid for the MAPP program is administered through the Financial Aid Office. The MAPP financial aid application includes detailed instructions and information on financial aid eligibility.

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For additional information or questions about the MS in Animals and Public Policy program admissions, please contact:

Office of Admissions
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