The Art of Loving Animals

The Animal Lover, the bronze sculpture that stands outside the new entrance to the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals, aptly describes its creator, Merrilyn Delano Marsh.

Breeder of Success

Russell Cohen, V87, grooms champions on the racetrack, in the clinic and now in the classroom

A powerful gift, for the animals we love

“I support Cummings School because they share my dedication to animals, and I know that the care they provide is second to none."

- Linda Swedo
Cummings Veterinary Fund Donor since 2006

By giving to the Cummings Veterinary Fund, you too can support Cummings School's commitment to veterinary medicine, education, and research for the animals we all love.

“We’re part of the Cummings School family.”

If your family is a Cummings School family, consider including the school in your estate plans and be recognized as a member of the Charles Tufts Society.

Generosity in Action: A Cause Worthy of Your Support

In practice and in philosophy, we are committed to healing animals, helping humans and transforming global health.

We would not achieve this important mission without philanthropy, which has played a catalyzing role at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine from the beginning. As New England’s veterinary school, Cummings School plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of animals and humans in the region, as well as inspiring and preparing the next era of leaders in veterinary medicine.

While other schools receive substantial public funding, Cummings School relies more heavily on private philanthropy. Your partnership makes an important difference.