School-wide Inclusive Excellence Partners

Students participating Cummings Thrive

The following governing entities all play a part in fostering an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion at Cummings School:

  • Admissions Office and Veterinary Professional Admissions Committee: Cummings School boasts a diverse group of highly motivated and accomplished veterinary and graduate students dedicated to our mission to heal animals, help humans and transform global health, and makes it a priority to identify and enroll qualified applicants who come from generally recognized culturally, socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Adventures in Veterinary Medicine: Individuals ranging from middle school age to transitional adults, from all walks of life, explore careers in veterinary medicine through this fun and engaging program.
  • Alumni Relations: Cummings School actively engages with alumni who are active citizens and ambassadors of Tufts, and who are working around the world to heal, help and improve the well-being of animals and humans.
  • Cummings Host International (CHI): Its mission is to create a welcoming and enriching social and educational experience for international visitors, and encourage cultural diversity on campus through a series of events.
  • Leadership: Cummings School’s administrative team is committed to fostering a culture of learning and growing, discovery and leadership, and creating an inclusive, diverse community of individuals who contribute to our common mission.
  • Master's Programs: Our masters-level programs seek students of diverse academic, career, and professional experiences, who share interests in human-animal relationships, global health issues, diseases that threaten animal and human health, and biomedical science.
  • Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Climate: This office actively works to build a culture of inclusion and equity and to foster a climate of belonging at Cummings School through engagement at all levels with faculty, staff, trainees, and students.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity: Tufts University is committed to protecting the mental and physical well-being of employees and students by ensuring the environment is free of discrimination and harassment.
  • Office of Professional Education: The Office supports the recruitment, appointment, promotion, and retention of faculty from different ethnic, economic, geographic, and life experiences while promoting a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Office of Student Affairs: Together with the Office of Professional Education, this office provides resources and guidance for our students as it relates to diversity, access, and equal opportunity programs that can enable their success.
  • STEM outreach: Cummings School prides itself on providing a unique assortment of K-12 STEM and other educational programs for the local community.
  • Student Chapter of the AVMA: Through a broad array of clubs and organizations, SAVMA provides all students with opportunities to explore diverse interests and engage in activities that offer networking, experiential learning, and skill development programming.
  • Tufts at Tech: This all-inclusive, student-run veterinary clinic provides affordable veterinary care for clients and their human families within Greater Worcester’s underserved communities.
  • Tufts Veterinary Council on Diversity: Students, faculty, and staff champion campus-wide efforts to foster an environment where all individuals are respected and diversity, equity and inclusion are embraced.