The Flu Hunters

A new research team at Cummings School is racing to keep the world ahead of the next pandemic.

A Rescue Mission

For years, international organizations have turned to Jim and Jenny Desmond to care for primates in crisis and to track dangerous diseases. Now, they’re taking on their toughest challenge yet.

Freshwater Parasite is Cause of Modern Plague

The lab of Patrick J. Skelly, PhD, is one of about six labs in the world trying to cure and prevent a parasitic infection that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call the world’s most deadly neglected tropical disease.

Patrick Skelly

Women as the First Line of Defense

Hellen Amuguni, BVM, MA, PhD knows that women are key to identifying, preventing, and controlling animal pandemics and the spread of zoonotic illnesses in Africa. She heads the Tufts University RESPOND project in six countries.

Hellen Amuguni

MS in Infectious Disease and Global Health

A new twelve-month Master’s Program in Infectious Disease and Global Health (MS-IDGH) at Cummings School has been created to address a critical need. Emergence of new or increasingly virulent infectious agents, antimicrobial resistance, and the risk of deliberate dissemination of bio threat agents are serious evolving threats to human health.

Make an Impact with a Master’s in Infectious Disease and Global Health

With the likely emergence of new or increasingly virulent infectious agents in the future becoming a serious evolving threat to human health, Cummings School created this program with deference to the One Health Initiative, and is intended to attract students interested in understanding the emergence, establishment, and spread of infectious agents across the globe.

Find out more about the MS in Infectious Disease and Global Health

The Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health applies a multidisciplinary approach to advancing the health and well-being of animals, people, and our global ecosystem by combing the renowned expertise of our Infectious Diseases, International Veterinary Medicine, Conservation Medicine, Wildlife Medicine, Public Health programs. The department has a strong focus on emerging zoonotic diseases and is globally recognized as leaders in the field.