RBL Resources

The Tufts New England RBL is able to serve investigators who require:

  • a safe and secure facility to perform work on BSL-3 pathogens
  • small animal models, including rodents, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and piglets
  • aerobiology capabilities
  • veterinary expertise and/or support services
  • High containment research and regulatory management

Resources for Researchers

Tufts New England Regional Biosafety Laboratory is available to regional investigators—including scientists from academia, not-for-profit organizations, industry and government—studying biodefense, infectious diseases, and emerging infectious diseases requiring biosafety level 3 laboratories or animal accommodations.


Researchers at the RBL are actively engaged in independent and collaborative work investigating infectious diseases to improve federal, state and local health systems in preparedness against pandemics and other biodefense emergencies.