IVM Summer Research Program

With support from faculty mentors, students develop their own international research projects and either apply for competitive grant funding, or self-fund. This popular program has been a key part of the IVM curriculum since it began in 1982. To date, hundreds of students have successfully carried out research all over the world.


Makoto Yamamoto, V18, Thailand, 2016

Opportunities for students to plan their research begin in the first year. Through IVM Forums, students are introduced to various areas of IVM. There they begin to connect with students who have conducted Summer Research, as well as professionals in the field.

In the spring semester, first year students take the IVM Core Course which expands their understanding of IVM in general, and begins to refine their area of interest or specialization.

Students continue attending the IVM Forums, held in collaboration with the Research Path program, which further prepares students to plan their research and compete for funding.

Amanda Nee in Uganda, 2016
Amanda Nee, V18, Uganda, 2016


From there, students work with faculty mentors who help students to focus their objectives, connect with research opportunities in the field, and create a strategy for funding. Students spend months preparing for their research trip, a process that includes:

  • Developing scientific and technical expertise
  • Researching cultural and social norms of the host country
  • Performing other preparations particular to the project
Kenny Siu in Uganda, 2016
Kenny Siu, V18, Uganda, 2016


Once students have completed their Summer Research, they are encouraged to prepare and submit a paper for peer review and publication. Additionally, they present their research at the Annual Research Presentation Day and during an IVM Forum.  These opportunities give students a chance to develop presentation and reporting skills that are useful beyond research and may be transferable to a greater professional skill-set.

The Summer Research Program is an intense academic, and often times personal experience. For many students, this program is a highlight of their time at veterinary school, and for some, a turning point in their developing career.