Randy Mickley works as a Wildlife Disease Biologist at the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services Field Office in Sutton, MA. He complements a staff of sixteen wildlife technicians and wildlife biologists in Amherst, MA and Sutton, MA who offer assistance to public and private concerns in MA, CT, and RI in managing conflicts caused by the presence or activities of wildlife. USDA Wildlife Disease Biologists such as Randy are also trained as National Disaster Emergency First Responders in disaster events involving animals.

Mr. Mickley holds a B.S. degree in Zoology from Ohio University, Athens, OH and an M. Aq. degree in Aquaculture from Auburn University, Auburn, AL. He has worked for the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services for seven years, working primarily on surveillance of wildlife diseases, but has also been involved in work providing airport wildlife hazard assessment/management, threatened and endangered species protection, European starling and feral pigeon damage control, gull and Canada goose damage control.

Mr. Mickley will present information about USDA APHIS Wildlife Services’ focus to protect people, agriculture, and wildlife. He will discuss management of human/wildlife conflicts concerning agricultural crop loss, property damage, risks to human health & safety, and threats to endangered species.