Cheryl London, D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVIM

Cheryl London, D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVIM


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University, USA, 1999
  • Doctor of Vet Medicine, Tufts-Cummings School of VM, USA, 1990


Cheryl London, DVM, PhD, ACVIM (Oncology) is a the Anne Engen and Dusty Professor of Comparative Oncology and the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. She is also Director of the Clinical Research Shared Resource which oversees studies in client owned animals at Cummings School. Dr. London oversees the Research Collaboration Team at the Tufts Clinical Translational Science Institute, working to catalyze broadly engaged team science. She is a Research Professor a the Tufts University School of Medicine and is a member of the Immunology Graduate Program at the Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Science. Prior to joining Tufts in 2016, Dr. London was the Shackelford Professor at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. London has ongoing collaborations with the Broad Institute, UMass Medical School, Tufts Medical Center, MIT and Tufts Medical School, as well as several projects with industry partners. These include immuno-oncology studies in the setting of osteosarcoma, diffuse large B cell lymphoma and soft tissue sarcoma that involve spontaneous cancer in dogs to study novel strategies aimed at altering the tumor microenvironment and utilizing unique small molecule/immunotherapy combinations.

Dr. London earned her DVM at Cummings School, completed her Residency in Medical Oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her PhD in Immunology at Harvard University, where she was also a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pathology.