New Drug Shines Light on Lingering Cancer Cells

In promising research for animals and humans, veterinary surgeon John Berg, DVM, MS is testing a drug developed by MIT researchers that may pinpoint even a single malignant cell left behind after surgery.

Exploring Stem Cell Therapies

Cummings School’s Regenerative Medicine Laboratory within the Department of Clinical Sciences is at the cutting edge of discovering new stem cell based clinical applications and treatments for animals and humans. 

Ultrasound Makes Equine Care Easier

Noninvasive ultrasound has allowed Wade Tenney, DVM of Equine Sports Medicine in the Hospital for Large Animals to quickly and efficiently diagnose a range of soft tissue problems.

The Department of Clinical Science offers a number of concentrations and special programs for its students, including:

Accelerated Clinical Excellence

ACE is designed to help students develop the skills required by an excellent veterinarian but not taught in the traditional veterinary medical education.

Residents’ Enhanced Veterinary Education & Academic Learning

The REVEAL program equips residents with everything they need to succeed in an academic or research career.

The Department of Clinical Sciences is dedicated to promoting animal health and advancing the science of diagnosing, treating, and preventing animal diseases. Service, research, teaching DVM candidates, and training interns and residents are cornerstones of the department. The seven teaching hospitals and clinics that comprise Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts provide students with a large, diverse caseload and exceptional training grounds.