Natashja Molina riding a horse

Natashja Molina, MCM’22


My name is Natashja Molina, I graduated from the University of Maine with a major in Zoology and a minor in Business Administration. I grew up in Massachusetts and for the past year I have been working at an animal clinic just outside of Boston as a veterinary technician. I have also been a volunteer for the past two years at the New England Aquarium in their Rescue and Rehabilitation Department assisting with the rehabilitation and release of endangered sea turtles. Throughout the years I have developed a passion to care for animals and the environment with a special interest in conservation and veterinary medicine. Gaining knowledge in the One Health approach and the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills in conservation is what led me to join the MCM program. In my free time I enjoy taking walks with my dog Reina, jogging, going to the beach, and traveling to Panama to visit my family’s farm.