Isabel Grant holding a bird

Isabel Grant, MCM’22


Hello! My name is Isabel Grant and I graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in May of 2021 with my bachelor’s degree in Pre-Veterinary Science. I spent the past summer working as a veterinary assistant at a local high volume-low cost spay and neuter clinic in my home city of Nashville, TN. However, my true passion is working with wildlife, something I discovered while interning at the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. More specifically, I’m interested in endangered species conservation. Knowing that often the problems facing these species are multi-faceted, the MCM program stood out because of its focus on an interdisciplinary approach to conservation issues. My goal is that one day I will have the knowledge and experience necessary to lead projects addressing the environmental and biological challenges facing these animals. As a former college athlete, I’ve been exploring new ways to get outside and stay active. Recently I’ve been trying out the trails around Grafton! When I’m not getting myself lost in the woods, I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time with friends. Back home with my parents in Tennessee I have one cat named Fireheart.