Clara Dell holding her dog

Clara Dell


B.A., Anthropology and Environment, McGill University, 2013
M.S. in Animals and Public Policy, Tufts University, 2022


Current Position
Research Ambassador, Faunalytics
One Health Research Consultant, Field Projects International

What were you doing before entering the M.S. in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP) program?
Working at an animal hospital with cats and dogs and volunteering at a nature museum working on turtle conservation.

What aspects of MAPP led to your decision to join the program?
I have always hoped to study animals academically and the public policy component drew me in as a means to both improve the lives of animals and help people to understand them better.

Interests in and experience with animals prior to joining the MAPP program:
I have held several positions focused on primate research, both monitoring behavior and collecting non-invasive samples. I have also volunteered for several years at the nature museum in Chicago working with amphibians and reptiles. I am currently employed at an animal hospital that works solely with cats and dogs.

What are your outside interests?
Singing, reading, outdoor activities

Number of pets? What type?
None currently

MAPP Capstone Research Project

This study aims to assess the primary ways in which monkeys of South America and Central Africa have changed their behaviors in response to anthropogenic climate change. As a systematic literature review, all published research will be reviewed to identify answers to the research question. As South America and Central Africa are both expected to experience droughts and high temperatures, monkeys are expected to show changes in diet, range, and time budgets. This research question is rooted in discovering the ways that wildlife must alter their behaviors due to human action around the world.