Arianna Kazarian

Arianna Kazarian, MS-IDGH VG’22


Hails from New Jersey
BS Microbiology
University of the Sciences, 2021

Hi! My name is Arianna Kazarian, born and raised in Bergenfield, New Jersey. I graduated Cum Laude from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia with a B.S. in Microbiology, and two commencement awards. I am proud of my achievements in research on HIV/AIDS and my published work on bacteriophage therapy for Tuberculosis. I also worked as a teaching assistant in several biology and microbial science laboratories and was a finance director of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, member of Phi Sigma Pi

National Honors Fraternity, and Vice-President of the Microbiology club for three years. My eager interest in the bodily ecosystems unseen by the naked eye and their repercussions has led me to seek out courses such as parasitology, immunology, virology, cell biology, and other microbial sciences. My love for microbiology only grew stronger in these courses, performing varying laboratory techniques for identifying pathogens, and studying their mechanisms, piecing things together like a puzzle. After learning about Tufts University’s MS-IDGH program, I excitedly applied right away, for I knew this program was going to push me even further into the world of microbes. I have four cats at home and a family of raccoons in my backyard and learning more about infectious diseases amongst not only humans, but animal populations as well struck my attention! I am very family-oriented, and some of my hobbies include weightlifting, crocheting, and gaming with friends. I am so proud to be a member of the Tufts MS-IDGH program and can’t wait to see where the knowledge and experience I gain will bring me in the future!