Tufts at Tech

Veterinarian providing dentistry instruction to a student.

Saving Smiles

Students gain critical skills during collaborative Dentistry Week for small animals
A five-month old goldendoodle laying in the front seat of a car.

Jaw-dropping Care

Severely injured doodle puppy’s jaw saved by veterinarians and students at Cummings School’s Tufts at Tech
Ashley Sierra, V22, adjusts oxygen flow for a patient at Tufts at Tech with Jenni Grady, clinical assistant professor at Cummings School (pictured left), and Kate Zukowski, veterinary technician.

Tufts at Tech Turns 10

For 10 years, the Cummings School veterinary clinic at Worcester Tech has provided low-cost services to pets from underserved households
A female vet examining a dog.

A life lesson in veterinary care

Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic in Worcester, Mass., is the nation’s first on-the-job veterinary clinic at a high school developed in collaboration with a veterinary school.
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