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Q&A with Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Chad Argotsinger
A smiling man with a beard and mustache, wearing a green vest and plaid shirt.
Chad Argotsinger, Dean of Student Affairs at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Photo: Chad Artgotsinger

Chad Argotsinger, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

What is your job and what is your favorite part of it?
My role at Cummings School is to support students, helping them find success within and beyond the classroom. This involves programs and services related to advising, career counseling, financial aid, orientation, tutoring, and wellness. My favorite part is connecting directly with students, usually one-on-one, to help them explore solutions to overcome an obstacle.

How long have you been at Cummings School and what makes it a special place to work?
While I have only been at Cummings School since the start of the Fall 2022 semester, I really love the small school feel. Having worked at many different types of colleges and universities, Cummings School has a welcoming and warm community. It’s easy to connect with students and colleagues in both formal and informal settings.

What brings you the most joy?
Professionally, I find joy when I see students connecting and enjoying their experience. This might be the sound of students laughing in Elms Cafe over lunch, smiling as they suit up for clinical skills, studying together in McGrath [Veterinary Teaching Lab] or dancing the night away at Furball [an annual community celebration].