Degree Requirements of the MAPP Program

Tossing graduation caps

To be awarded the M.S. in Animals and Public Policy (MAPP), the student must complete a minimum of 32 credits from the MAPP curriculum.  Students may follow either an Applied Track or a Research Track and are expected to complete their requirements within 12–16 months following enrollment.

In fall and spring semesters, students following the Applied Track take 18 credits of required core courses, including Communicating Policy Positions, and a minimum of 5 elective credits.  This academic-year preparation is followed in the summer by the 9 credit Mentored Externship. Applied track students will generally complete their degree requirements within 12 months, but an extension to 16 months is permissible.

Students in the Research Track take 20 credits of core courses students, and at least 3 credits of electives. Students in this track are also required to complete Research Methods IIStatistics I, and Statistics II, and to complete an Independent Research Project under the guidance of one or more Cummings School faculty members.  Although it is possible to complete the Research Track in 12 months, collection of original data is time-consuming, and students following this track should plan to complete their research projects in the fall semester of the year following initial enrollment (16 months).