Cardiology Residency

The Cardiology Residency Program is designed to provide advanced clinical training in cardiology and related fields suitable to ACVIM certification in the Cardiology sub-specialty. Residents are required to participate in primary patient care, daily rounds, seminars and clinical conferences. Time is provided for professional development. Residents are strongly encouraged to pursue professional interests, develop research projects and prepare manuscripts for publication. The residency also provides the opportunity to attend lectures and rounds at Boston and Worcester's many neighboring human medical centers. As part of the training program, residents will participate in the clinical teaching of veterinary students.

Training will be centered at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals, located in North Grafton, MA, which is approximately 40 miles west of Boston. A minimum of 18 months of the residency will be spent on clinical rotations with a specialist boarded in cardiology and will include training in special diagnostic techniques pertinent to the specialty (electrocardiography, echocardiography, cardiac catheterization and intervention, angiocardiography). Other specialists in internal medicine, neurology, oncology, critical care/emergency medicine, ophthalmology, clinical pathology, radiology, nutrition and exotic pets will provide advanced training throughout the residency. Training includes consultations on large animal and exotic species.

Appointments will be made for 12 months with annual renewal based on satisfactory completion of the previous year. A certificate of residency is awarded to the candidate upon successful completion of the training program.

Residents participate in the University benefits programs, including health and life insurance. Annual vacation, a travel allotment and professional liability insurance is provided.

The applicant should submit his or her application through AAVC's Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program.

In prior years the Cummings School has usually selected individuals who have interviewed at the school. Half-day to full-day interviews are possible, with time alloted to observe the clinical activities during the day. Dr. Bulmer splits his time between the Grafton and the Walpole clinic locations, so individuals may wish to schedule an interview on a date that Dr. Bulmer is available. While an interview often helps in the selection process, and it is very helpful for us to meet residency candidates, the Cummings School recognizes that it is not possible for candidates to find time or resources to interview at all possible residency sites. With that in mind, the following may help in determining your desire to come to Tufts for an interview. Our program has usually selected individuals who rank in the top 50% of their veterinary graduating class, often near the top 25% of their class with a GPA close to or above 3.5. We usually select individuals with a stated interest in research and or scientific publication, and those with prior experiences in scientific writing or a research environment often get preferential ranking. Successful candidates typically have at least 1 letter of recommendation from an DACVIM-Cardiology. Letters which address interpersonal skills are critical in the determination of residency candidacy. If you would like to schedule an interview then please contact Michael.Coburn with your available dates and times.

Tufts University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.