Chris Whittier

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    Meet our final MCM’18 student Katherine Zhou, “My legal name is Ying Zhou but people often know me as Katherine. I was born and raised in southern China until college. I recently graduated from University of California — Los Angeles with a BS in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, and a BA in English. I have […]
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    Next we have Briana Stockdale, MCM’18, “I grew up exploring the lush Smoky Mountains surrounding Knoxville, TN and quickly became enraptured by all the creatures that also called them home. From a young age, I knew I wanted a career aiding animals, and as I got older, my love for biology and medicine blossomed. I […]
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    Cummings Voices blog post inspired by ramen, written by Adam Krantz, MCM17 with significant contributions from Vikas Mendhiratta, V19 and Makoto Sakomoto V19. EcoHealthNet is an undergraduate and graduate-level global research coordination network, funded by the National Science Foundation and lead by EcoHealth Alliance.  EcoHealthNet brings together world-class research scientists from human and veterinary medicine, […]
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    Meet Kate Slyngstad, MCM’18, “After graduating from Boston University with a BS in Biomedical Engineering, I strayed from the engineering path and began focusing on pursuits related to conservation and wildlife medicine. I spent time as an intern at PAWS Wildlife Center outside of Seattle, followed by four months at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in […]
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    Introducing Miren Schleicher, MCM’18, “I was originally born in Germany, but have lived in the Boston area for most of my life. I attended Northeastern University for my undergraduate degree and graduated with a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in Wildlife Studies. Since graduation I have worked as an aquarist working with the […]

Chris Whittier

V97, PhD Population Medicine

Chris Whittier V97
Chris Whittier, V97, PhD Population Medicine

Chris Whittier, V97, uses his vast experience and knowledge in the fields of population medicine, veterinary medicine and One Health, to direct the MS in Conservation Medicine program (MCM). In addition to teaching courses, mentoring students, and directing the MCM program, Chris is actively involved in global research and conservation efforts.

While studying abroad in Tanzania during his junior year of college, Dr. Whittier had his first exposure to wild mountain gorillas. Inspired by the efforts of conservationists in the field, he went on to veterinary school with a focus on international medicine. His interest in great apes continued, and he returned to Tanzania as a veterinary student to work with renown primatologist and conservationist, Jane Goodall.

Dr. Whittier went on to earn his DVM and PhD in population medicine, with a focus on the diagnosis and epidemiology of infectious disease in wild gorillas. He has since put his expertise to work as a regional field veterinarian with the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project) in Africa, as a contributor to the USAID PREDICT Project, and as director of the MCM program at Cummings School.

Whether he’s teaching courses, mentoring students, conducting research, or flying to the aid of mountain gorillas at a moment’s notice, Dr. Whittier’s work is marked by passion and enthusiasm.