Web Updates

Requests for website updates should be submitted to vetweb@tufts.edu.

*The body of your email comes into the ticketing tool as plain text.  Do not use not use color, bold, line-through, italics, etc. to indicate changed content in the body of your email.  Instead, attach a word document with tracked changes. 

In order for your update to be completed in a timely manner, please include:

  • The full URL of the page to be updated
  • A brief explanation of update (see below "Types of requests")
  • Any documents containing new or revised content (attach a Word document if you are submitting linked text, tracked changes, bolded, colored or lined-through content changes, etc.)

Types of requests accepted:

  • Updates to existing content
  • New content added to an existing site
  • Update an existing faculty or house officer profile
  • Request a new faculty or house officer profile

Our goal is to complete your update within a week to 5 business days of submission. If your situation is of critical importance, please forward your ticket to cynthia.malone@tufts.edu.

Instructions for Faculty Profiles

All Faculty profiles are stored on Tufts Faculty Information System (FIS). The goal of FIS is to give faculty a single, powerful tool for organizing and showcasing their accomplishments. 

FIS is composed of two sites – Elements and Discovery. The Tufts Elements site is only accessible to Tufts faculty members and certain support staff. Faculty go to Elements to edit the information in their profiles. Updates made in Tufts Elements may take up to 3 days sync on vet.tufts.edu.

Help is available on TTS/Elements and Discovery: Faculty Information System (FIS). You may also email elements-support@tufts.edu with any questions.

Once your FIS faculty profile is live, you or a designated staff member can submit a request to vetweb@tufts.edu to have it posted to Cummings School's website.

Instructions for House Officer Profiles

To submit a new, or update an existing, House Officer profile, please do the following:

  1. New profile or significant changes to an existing profile:
  2. Minor changes to existing profile–no template needed–submit your update directly to vetweb@tufts.edu in the form of an email


  • If you are submitting changes that contain linked text (such as publications), tracked changes, bolded, colored or lined-through content changes, then please submit them in a Word document
  • In order to have a photo attached to your profile, you must submit a portrait image no smaller than 500x625px
  • Any other questions or concerns, email vetweb@tufts.edu