Visiting Practitioner Programs

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is proud to be able to extend to the veterinary medical community the opportunity to participate in our Visiting Practitioner Program. Practitioners who wish to receive training in one or more clinical disciplines, to learn new techniques or switch areas of clinical practice are assigned a mentor for varying periods of time. Visiting practitioners work alongside the mentor learning as the caseload of the service is managed but do not have primary patient care responsibility. A formal program with specific goals is developed for each candidate by the department and mentor. Because of limitations of space and faculty time each request for entry into this program is carefully evaluated, please note that application does not guarantee acceptance.

The logistics of the Visiting Practitioner Program are coordinated through the Office of Continuing Education. Application to the Program is made through that office. All participants must be licensed veterinarians.


Before filling out an application, those interested must contact Susan Brogan, Associate Director of Continuing Education, at (508) 887-4723. Each application must include:

  • an application for admission;
  • the application fee;
  • a letter of intent outlining which department the practitioner wishes to visit as well as the purpose and duration of the visit;
  • two letters of reference;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • proof of rabies vaccination or positive titer test;
  • proof of health insurance.

Specific fees for the program vary depending upon duration, the intensity of training and other individual programmatic variables. The standard fee is $200 per day. All fees are established through the Office of Continuing Education.

Please send the completed application to the Office of Continuing Education and direct all questions to Susan Brogan at (508) 887-4723.