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Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine

The mission of the Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine is to advance the health of animals, people and the environment through professional training, research and service to communities around the globe, utilizing a conservation medicine approach.

Crossing Boundaries: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Conservation medicine focuses on health relationships occurring at the interfaces of humans, animals, and the environment; it seeks to develop and apply health management practices, policies, and programs that sustain biodiversity and protect the ecosystems essential to animal and human health.

The Center for Conservation Medicine (Tufts CCM) takes a unique interdisciplinary approach to ecosystem health. Through the practice of conservation medicine, Tufts CCM brings together veterinarians, physicians, ecologists, and conservation professionals to support and develop educational programs and research activities that explore the relationships among animal, human, and environmental health.

Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine

Educating Future Leaders: Programs and Opportunities

Encompassing the school’s signature opportunity programs in Wildlife Medicine and International Veterinary Medicine, as well as the MS in Conservation Medicine, the Center builds interdepartmental programs and acts as a catalyst for interdisciplinary partnerships within the University. Through local, national, and international collaboration, Center faculty implement research projects, mentor students, and establish innovative educational programs locally and worldwide.


Impacting Care: Tufts Wildlife Clinic

Tufts Wildlife Clinic

The Tufts Wildlife Clinic provides medical care for over 1600 orphaned, sick, and injured wildlife patients yearly. The clinic offers rich learning opportunities for students concerned with wildlife preservation, habitat and species diversity, conservation biology, ecological issues, and natural resources.

Training the Next Generation to Solve Global Issues

MCM graduates are a well-trained cohort of transdisciplinary, passionate individuals committed to working together to identify, improve and solve issues negatively impacting today's complex world.