Career Resources & Professional Affiliations

State VMAs

A state-by-state listing of veterinary medical associations outside of the New England region can be found on the AVMA website.

New England VMAs

Listing of Veterinary Specialty Organizations

Search the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (AVBS) through its Organization Listing Lookup.

Cummings Support Center

Alumni are invited and encouraged to foster career connections through the Cummings Support Center (CSC).  Launched in 2014, the CSC offers a pathway for alumni and students to have open dialog on a variety of veterinary career opportunities through group networking, one-one-one meetings, and through video conferencing.

Our alumni are welcome resources as we mentor students on career opportunities, extern opportunities, interviewing and job placement skills, and support for those who want to engage alumni about professional opportunities.

For more information about the Cummings Support Center, please contact Gillian Kruskall, V14 at or call: 508-887-4402.

Continuing Education

See Cummings School’s Continuing Education page for more information on future C.E. programs, conferences and seminars.

Job Postings and Resources