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Research at Cummings School

Cummings School is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally with investigators from other universities, teaching hospitals and industry. Our projects are producing advances that are improving the health of domestic and wild animals, people, the environment and the food we consume.

Coronavirus cabin fever? Before stepping outside for that walk, remember it’s tick season

As people venture outside to get fresh air and exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts, including Professor Sam Telford, spoke with the Worcester Telegram & Gazette about the risk of ticks and tick-borne illness as well as preventative measures individuals can take.

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How Does COVID-19 Compare with the Flu?

A Cummings School expert on influenza and infectious disease shares what we might expect to see as the new coronavirus continues to spread—and how to stay safe

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Testing A New Addiction Therapy

A neuroscientist at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine studies a new way to potentially curb the opioid cravings that contribute to relapse

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New Hope for a Neglected Disease

Two Cummings School researchers studying schistosomiasis find molecules that may hold the key to a cure

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How Do Vaccines Work?

With a little scientific trickery, the same pathogen that causes a disease can end up protecting us against it

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Trying to Figure Out the Scoop on Poop

Cases of diarrhea that once would have been fatal are responding to fecal transplantation. Now Cummings School researchers are working to identify exactly how this procedure can help horses For most humans and animals, diarrhea is an uncomfortable but minor problem. However, in horses, diarrhea can more easily turn deadly—killing some 25 to 30 percent Read More

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Should We Worry About the Coronavirus Emerging from China?

As a viral pneumonia continues to spread, an expert on human outbreaks that originate in animals shares what we know so far about 2019n-CoV

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This Education Contains Multitudes

Not wanting to choose between a career as a researcher or a doctor, this Ph.D. student chose a veterinary path

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A Vote Against Lyme Disease

Cast your ballot for the best new ideas in fighting a growing health problem

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This Cummings Grad Researches Vector-Borne Diseases for the CDC

Tess van Kan credits the school’s M.S. in Infectious Disease & Global Health program for giving her a leg up.

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Veterinary Teaching Hospitals Update: Emergency & Essential Cases Only. Call Ahead. Read More