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COVID-19 Guidance: Guidance and operational updates for Cummings School and its veterinary teaching hospitals

Research at Cummings School

Cummings School is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally with investigators from other universities, teaching hospitals and industry. Our projects are producing advances that are improving the health of domestic and wild animals, people, the environment and the food we consume.

Which animals can catch COVID-19, which can’t — and why it matters.

Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments in a Vox article about which animals are most susceptible to SARS-CoV-2

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Investigating Cancer Treatments’ Effects on the Heart and Blood Vessels

Tufts’ human and veterinary medical researchers collaborate to prevent and better treat cardiovascular damage in people and pets who have survived cancer

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A Push to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Cummings School expertise is key to a global program headed by the university that aims to stop new viruses from becoming a widespread danger to humans.

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Our Four-Legged Friends During COVID-19

Megan Mueller, the Elizabeth Arnold Stevens Junior Professor at Cummings School, and Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Borns-Weil were featured on WCVB’s Chronicle talking about the human-animal bond and animal behavior during the pandemic.

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EEE: Lower impact than expected in 2020

Professor Sam Telford spoke with Boston 25 about why human EEE cases in Massachusetts are lower than expected so far in 2020.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Prevents Severe Clinical Disease in Animals

Cummings School researchers contribute to preclinical study that’s among first to report vaccine protection against severe COVID-19-related pneumonia and death.

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Helping Endangered Koalas’ Health—and Potentially Humans’ Too

Veterinary student’s research in Australia helped improve care for hundreds of animals with chlamydia, while medical research at Tufts looks for vaccine

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Empowering Women for Better Lives for People and Animals

Cummings School researchers study how increasing women’s access to livestock vaccines can improve animal and human health and well-being

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EEE Warning as Third Mosquito Sample Tests Positive for the Virus

Professor Sam Telford spoke with WCVB Boston about concerns around eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) in Massachusetts after a third mosquito sample tested positive this season.

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Lyme disease now, EEE could soon follow

Professor Sam Telford spoke with Boston 25 about mosquitoes and ticks and risk of related vector-borne disease this summer, emphasizing the need for repellant.

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