Megan Gulsby V25

Megan Gulsby V25


Pensacola, Florida

B.S. Biomedical Sciences, University of West Florida 2020

Why did you choose to pursue this degree, and why did you choose Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine to pursue this degree?

I am passionate about scientific discovery and how the proper care and use of animals can produce meaningful research. I wanted to choose a career where I could integrate medicine and research because I love both. I was fortunate to have multiple options for veterinary school. I choose the Cummings School because of how open and welcoming students and faculty were from the start of the application process. Additionally, the opportunity to be mentored by veterinarians in the laboratory animal medicine field not only from Tufts but surrounding institutions drew me to the school.

What are your interests and/or experience relative to your program?

I am interested in the process of how basic scientific knowledge can lead to new therapies and treatments for both humans and animals. I have been inspired by my experience in animal care facilities by the collaboration between doctors, scientists, and veterinarians to produce meaningful research. I hope to one day bring my expertise on animals to help develop appropriate studies to gain new knowledge and develop new therapeutics.

What are your career goals after completing the program?

After graduation, I hope to pursue a residency to become a Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine. Ultimately, my career goal is to be a strong advocate for the animals used in research and work with scientists, doctors, veterinarians, and other animal advocates to continue to improve their lives by implementing the three R’s (reduce, refine, and replace).