Research/Areas of Interest:

Functional abnormalities associated with various liver diseases lead to accumulation of toxic products (such as bilirubin in jaundice and bile acids) in blood and premature death of liver cells. One of the major determinants is the inability of the liver to properly regulate bile acid transport from blood to bile. Studies are conducted to better understand the mechanisms regulating bile acid transport. Specifically, studies are designed to determine the role of various kinases and phosphatases in the regulation of bile acid transport using primary hepatocytes, hepatic cell lines and transgenic mice. Techniques used are cell culture, transfection of cell lines, solute uptake, western blots, protein phosphorylation, Protein S-nitrosylation, etc.

Selected Research Projects:

  • Role of protein kinase Cs in the regulation of hepatic transporters.
  • Mechanism of taurolithocholate-induced cholestasis.
  • Role of protein S-nitrosylation in sepsis-induced cholestasis.
  • Mechanisms of anticholestatic effects of cAMP and tauroursodeoxycholate.

Research and Clinical Interests:

  • Hepatic diseases
  • Pharmacokinetics


  • DMVH, Munich University, 1980
  • PhD, Kansas State University, 1973
  • MS, Dhaka University, 1968
Career Highlights / Publications