Shea Anthony holding her dog

Shea Anthony, MCM’22


Hi! I’m Shea, coming from the wonderful city of Chicago, IL. I’m a lifelong animal lover and grew up with a wide array of creatures from pigs to reptiles. I studied business and sustainability at Babson College and graduated in 2018. Since graduating, I’ve been working in the research space and most recently was a canine health researcher at a startup. I also spend time as a screening volunteer at a local animal shelter. The MCM program is an ideal next step for me because of its interdisciplinary approach to conservation and well-rounded curriculum. I’m particularly interested in human-animal mutualism and am a big proponent of taking complex research and making it more digestible through the power of visuals and storytelling. I enjoy big bowls of noodles, using pastels, funky patterns, and swimming! I’m also a co-parent of three wonderful (but chaotic) dogs, and a noble cat.