Kayla Walsh poses for a picture wading in water

Kayla Walsh, MCM’22


Hi I’m Kayla Walsh.  At my job as a Research Staff and Medical Magazine Editor, Columbia University International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), I trained government agents and other climate professionals on how to use our forecasting and climatology systems to help rural farmers and disaster risk management officials to improve food security (SDG2). I did most of this training in East Africa, primarily Ethiopia. I want to be more hands on with conservation and wildlife. Applying climate science to society is useful, but a slow process. The health of many of the people I’ve worked with depended not only on the climate and environment, but the health of the animals around them. I’d like people to realize this; while I’d save wildlife for wildlife’s sake, there is a human reason for us to support conservation. I want to enter the private sector and make more direct, efficient changes to conservation and environmental health. My hobbies are hiking, biking, painting, and all things animal related. I love volunteering for animal rescue orgs. I have a 15 year old Lab Mix and 1 rescue cat. I’m really happy to talk to anyone and everyone in this field. It is hard to discuss career goals and options outside academics because this is such a niche space, so I look forward to connecting to all those who have common interests and helping each other out!