Staying With the Herd: Emmanuelle Butty

Former resident and fellow appointed assistant clinical professor in Department of Clinical Sciences
female veterinarian holding a little longhaired dashhund
Dr. Emmanuelle Butty was appointed as a clinical assistant professor at Cummings School after completing a residency and fellowship on campus.

Switzerland native Emmanuelle Butty (she/her/hers) rejoined Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in September as clinical assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

After earning a med. vet. (D.V.M.) degree at Vetsuisse Fakultet in Bern, Switzerland, Butty was drawn to Cummings School for its dialysis program. “I wanted to do dialysis in the future and the Urology and Nephrology Center here, including dialysis, was the main reason why I wanted to come here,” she says.  Cummings School is among the minority of veterinary schools to offer dialysis treatments.

Butty completed a three-year residency, followed by a two-year urology/nephrology fellowship at Cummings School, during which she served as an adjunct professor.

“I wanted to stay in academia because I love trying to help others become veterinarians while trying to move medicine forward,” she explains. “I’ve been trained by talented professionals and now that I’m able to train others, I enjoy that challenge.”

A well-rounded clinician, Butty is pleased to have a diverse range of responsibilities and opportunities. “In addition to teaching, I’m also working as a veterinarian and pursuing my specialization in internal medicine but trying to make time for research. There’s always more to discover, so I’m never bored,” she jokes.

Due to her experience as a resident and fellow, Butty is quite familiar with her role in urology/nephrology and thankful to have learned much that she can share with others.

“I took to this role progressively, especially during the height of COVID, and I look forward to continuing to improve what we are doing within the specialty, and passing that along to our residents, interns, and students,” she shares. “I appreciate these many opportunities to teach.”

Committed to Highly Critical Care

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