Embracing a New Role with the Herd: Jeff Seco

Former grounds employee named campus shipper and receiver
a man wearing a blue baseball cap and a navy blue Tufts tshirt standing inside a shipping and receiving area
Jeff Seco was appointed in February as campus shipper and receiver at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Photo: Jeff Seco

Jeff Seco (he/his), previously a groundskeeper at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, has been appointed campus shipper and receiver.

A native of Hudson, Massachusetts and a graduate of Hudson High School, Seco has lived in Worcester for 13 years. He spent most of my career in landscaping, construction, and maintenance. He also worked for eight years as a forester for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, serving as a tree climber for the Asian Longhorn Beetle Program.

He is thrilled to continue to serve Cummings School and use his interpersonal skills in this role. “I am a very outgoing person by nature,” he says. “I really enjoy the interaction with different people every day. I also can’t sit still for very long, so this position is perfect. I am highly extroverted and looking forward to streamlining the shipping process.”

An enthusiast of both nature and music, Seco enjoys camping, visiting the mountains, or simply being outside. A drummer, he played in several bands when he was younger but now focuses attention on his two sons, ages 12 and 3, and is the proud owner of Charlie, a three-year old cat.

Please say hello to Jeff as he makes his way around campus.