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RSS Articles Featuring Dr. Mariner

  • A World Without Rinderpest
    Cummings School’s Jeffrey Mariner, who played a key role in eradicating the devastating cattle plague from the wild, weighs in on an effort to destroy laboratory samples of the virus
  • Advancing Breakthroughs for All Species
    From eradicating rinderpest to informing environmental policy, Cummings School is making our world a better place.
  • Can We Eradicate Goat Plague?
    A Cummings School researcher is looking to wipe out a viral illness that threatens endangered species-and the livelihoods of families in the developing world.
  • The War Against ‘Goat Plague’
    NPR Goat plague (also known as peste des petits ruminants) eradication efforts by Cummings faculty member Dr. Jeffrey Mariner and collaborators at University of Florida. Read full article here:
  • Cat Tracking in Thailand
    Step one: Learn everything about liver flukes. Step two: Buy a plane ticket to Thailand. Step three: Track cats. Source:

Jeffrey Mariner

V87, DVM, PhD Epidemiology

Jeffrey Mariner

Jeffrey Mariner V87, DVM, PhD Epidemiology

Dr. Jeffrey Mariner, V87, is an IVM heavy weight. Best known for his work eradicating rinderpest, he has spent the past three decades tackling infectious diseases in livestock around the world. A man of many talents, Mariner is as skilled in the laboratory as he is in the field.  He’s as adept at humping a backpack full of heat-stable vaccines over a mountainous desert as he is at pushing policy reform across a political landscape.

Over the course of his career, Mariner has seen the field of IVM evolve. As a veterinary student at Cummings School in the 1980s, Jeff was influenced by the work of his professors and mentors, who championed a collaborative approach to working with communities in the developing world, engaging local health workers as partners, transforming them into stakeholders instead of receivers.

Mariner continues this legacy by using innovative approaches while working with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams to eradicate his next target: Pest de Petits Ruminants (PPR). Whether he’s in the lecture hall, in the lab, or in the field, Mariner is always ready to help students interested in the field of Domestic Animal Health in IVM, after all, there is more work to be done!